About me

Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me...I promise to keep your attention..     I'm the mixture of my experiences and my fantasies in life. I strongly believe that we are what we dare to be, or to do. I love beautiful simplicity and the power to be amazed by the little things in life, and such appreciating luxury even more.  I have a healthy well-balanced life, maintaining a great body without any dependencies.   It's a delight to be with another hedonist . It is always an enjoyment to meet kind, educated, rational and/or passionate people. Stimulating exchanges happen naturally and inevitably, and that’s one of my great pleasures in life, to connect with others.  My insatiable curiosity encompasses everything, from the smallest creatures to human beings with their thoughts, interactions and experiences, it fascinates me.  Since my early childhood, I've always stood out from the crowd. Add to that a mix of intellectual, technical & creative soul, you get Angeline I welcome you in my world


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